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Vizconde to Take Streets Protest

MANILA, Philippines – Lauro Vizconde will take to the streets to protest the Supreme Court’s (SC) dismissal of his motion to reverse the acquittal of Hubert Webb and six others convicted of the 1991 rape-murder of his 19-year-old daughter and the killing of his wife and seven-year-old daughter. Speaking to reporters, Vizconde said he would not stop in his quest for justice.

“The SC decision is not the end,” he said in Filipino. “I thirst for justice. The Filipino people have been frustrated.”

He would link up with various cause-oriented groups led by the Volunteers against Crime and Corruption (VACC), Vizconde said.

Meanwhile, Vizconde said he is willing to substantiate his allegation that Senior Justice Antonio Carpio had persuaded other SC justices to acquit Webb and the others. He will substantiate his allegations once he receives a formal order from the SC, he added.

On the other hand, lawyer Ferdinand Topacio said yesterday he will follow the SC order for him to provide proof about his allegations that Carpio was involved in influencing the outcome of the Vizconde massacre. Topacio said he and Vizconde will faithfully comply with the SC order. – Philippine Star

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