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It’s Love Day

On this special day, I want to post a poem written by my high school classmate, Rene San Andres for his wife. Rene has been working in Saudi Arabia for  8  years. The distance between him and his family  inspires Rene  to write poems, anecdotes and other literary works to lessen the pain and loneliness of being away from home. The heartfelt feelings that he can’t express personally to his loved ones are conveyed through his works.

In recognition of his courage, love, wisdom and aspirations, I would like to share this poem to you, readers on this special day.

Happy Valentines’, my dear.
It’s the day of the hearts deeply in love..
My wife greeted me this morning
and of course, I returned the favor by making a call..
Gosh, too many occasions that I let go off..
Birthdays, anniversaries and this special love day…
But I always have thing to say..

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Color Meaning of Roses

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. A day to remember our loved ones. A busy day for flower shops. A day when millions and millions of roses will be sold and delivered from one loved one to another.

Thinking of buying roses for your loved ones? Have you ever wondered what kind of roses to choose from a wide variety of different color and species? Do you just buy whichever one seems to be the freshest or the one which is the cheapest? Beware because you might be choosing the wrong color to convey your true feelings.

To find out what is the right color of roses to buy, please read on to the next page….

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