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Lady, Get In Line!!!

When I was preparing dinner before I leave the house for an important meeting, I realized I forgot an important ingredient needed to complete the task. Since 99c store is just around the corner, I rushed over there, grabbed the item and headed towards the check-outs.

To my dismay, only two registers were open with long queues of customers carrying basketful of commodities. Since I was in hurry and with only one item on hand, I stood beside one of the cashiers who was ringing up a customer at that time. After apologizing, I asked her if I could just hand her $1 bill and leave. This is a strategy I have learned from other customers before and never had a problem until today.

Before the cashier was able to respond, the customer yelled at me and said that I have to wait for my turn. Another customer told me to go at the end of the line where five more people were waiting by now. Feeling so embarrassed, I turned around and debated if I should still wait in line or just go home.

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Buy Plants from Hardware Stores, Not Nurseries (Seriously???)

In the Philippines, you can do gardening without spending anything on plants. All you have to do is to scout around the neighborhood for any seedlings, twigs and even pots of any plants or trees of your liking. The friendly neighbors are more than willing to share whichever one you may choose.  The same is not true in the US. You can’t ask the neighbors for any plants, unless they are family members or close friends. You are not even allowed to pick any flowers even in parks or else you get a citation.

Where do you go then for your gardening needs? In nurseries or hardware stores? I prefer the latter though because of their plant guarantee. Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a one year guarantee.  Just keep the receipt and UPC code, if anything happens, a replacement or refund can be done within one year of purchase. But the best policy is what Orchard Supply and Hardware (OSH) has. Mind you, they have a lifetime guarantee on plants? Too good to be true, right?

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Why Costco Gas is not Really Cheaper

I want to be honest, although I am a Costco member, I don’t really enjoy shopping there. I hate going through traffic, in and around the vicinity of the store. I hate going around circles finding a parking spot. And I hate lining up in the register to pay. Sorry, Costco lovers (which includes my youngest brother). This is not a hate campaign but I’m just sharing my opinion.

On the contrary, it’s not really an all hate experience for me. As a matter of fact, there are things I love about Costco. First, their fast food. I love their hot dog/soda combo for an unbeatable of $1.50. Love, love the free refills. (Ooops, got to be careful with calorie intake). Second, the whole roast chicken for under $5. It’s so cheap yet very  juicy, tender and  yummmmy!!! Third, the free food samplings…the real reason why shopping takes a lot longer than what it should normally take.

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Top 10 Cities for Shopaholics

Sherman Travel listed the top ten shopping havens in the world. Are you curious to find out what cities made the list? They are:

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Target to Open Stores in Canada, Eh?

Target is acquiring leases on over 200 Zellers stores in Canada in the amount of US$1.84 billion marking Target’s first venture to the international market. The Minneapolis-based company is planning to spend another C$1 billion in store renovations.

It’s about time that Walmart gets some tough competition.  The Arkansas-based company has been dominating the Canadian retail market for years and had been slamming Zellers on sales.

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