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Road Trip Pictures

This President’s Day long weekend, my family drove to San Francisco to attend my youngest brother’s housewarming party. Whenever I take long trips like this, I usually just put myself to sleep. But not this time. Why?

Thanks to my Iphone. Remember the article I published before about my love for my hands-me-down Iphone? I discussed in that article about the many apps that are installed on it but are never used? If not for this trip, I wouldn’t  know how awesome Photogene app is.

After dousing off from sleep, I decided to take some pictures along the way. Then I started using the Photogene app to enhance the pictures. I was really impressed with the results. I am definitely more in love with my Iphone.

Here are some of the before and after pictures…

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A Photo Showing How Much My Dogs Miss Me

This long weekend, I went out of town to San Francisco. While I was gone, my oldest son looked after my two dogs. When I came back, he showed me a picture of my dogs looking out the window. He said that since I left they have been fixated at checking out the cars and people passing by, trying to find out if I’ve come back. I’m impressed how nice their silhouettes were captured in this photo. I find it also very touching and sweet that my lovely dogs were anticipating my return from the trip.

I want to share with you the said photo and please, let me know what do you think of it.

Awww! So sweeet!!! My heart just melts….


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