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Today is Easter Sunday! The Lord Has Risen!

Easter marks the end of Lent, a forty-day period of fasting, prayer, and penance. In the Philippines, Easter morning is marked with joyous celebration, the first being the dawn Salubong, wherein large statues of Jesus and Mary are brought in procession together to meet, imagining the first reunion of Jesus and his mother Mary after Jesus’ Resurrection. This is followed by the joyous Easter Mass and then a hearty breakfast consist of nilaga when we get home.

Here in the US, Easter is celebrated in an entirely different way. A traditional egg-hunting is done in churches or at homes where families hold reunions. Eggs are painted with different colors and designs. An Easter Bunny is used in a very similar trait like Santa Claus, as they both bring gifts to children. Easter baskets may also consist of peeps marshmallows and chocolates.

As we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, I leave this Easter message to you…

May the angels protect you, may the sadness forget you,
may goodness surround you, and may God always bless you…

Happy Easter to ALL!

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Today is Good Friday

Good Friday, the Friday before Easter, commemorates the Passion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross. A day of strict fasting and abstinence, Catholics are allowed to eat only one complete meal and two smaller ones during the day without meat and no food in between.

In the Philippines, the day is commemorated with street processions, the Way of the Cross, the chanting of the Pasyon, and the staging of the Senakulo or Passion play. Church bells are not rung and Masses are not celebrated. In some communities, devotees engage in self-flagellation or crucifixion as expressions of penance.

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Today is Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday, also known as “Holy Thursday” is the Thursday of Passion Week, one day before Good Friday. Maundy Thursday is the name given to the day on which Jesus celebrated the Last Supper.

Two important events are the focus of Maundy Thursday. First, Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and instituted the Communion. Second, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, thereby setting an example of humility and service.

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Live Animals Keyrings Sold in China

Chinese street vendors are selling keyring accessories containing live animals that are widely available and sold publicly on sidewalks. Potential buyers have the choice between a living Brazil turtle or two small kingfish, sealed in an airtight package along with some colored water.

As the cruel trinkets continue to gain in popularity, animal rights supporters are opposing the inhumane treatment of the animals. Even some right-thinking passersby are trying to do their part in saving the animals’ lives by buying and freeing them.

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Tree-Planting World Record Set in Philippines

Philippine environmentalists planted 64,096 trees in 15 minutes thus setting a world record for the most trees planted simultaneously. This was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records that everything was accurate and correct. The effort beat the previous Guinness world record of 50,033 trees planted in India last year.

Nearly 7,000 people helped in the mass planting of saplings in denuded forest and grassland in the eastern province of Camarines Sur on Wednesday.

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Carinderia Circa 50s

My beloved maternal grandmother, Engracia (RIP) was  well-known to be the carinderia-owner beside the church patio in Poblacion. In this carienderia, she served goto (beef-tripe noodle), puto-bibingka(rice cakes) and halo-halo (a sweet concoction of shaved ice and fruits). My Lola Gracia (as we fondly called her) was not just the owner but she was also the cook, server, dishwasher, maintenance and whatever else was needed to keep the carinderia running smoothly. Talking about multi-tasking, huh!

But, hey, the job didn’t even start there. The preparation was way ahead before the carinderia opens at 6am. She had to go to the market for ingredients, place order for ice and sodas, cook ingredients for halo-halo and make galapong (rice paste). Does anyone still remember how they used to make this? After soaking rice in water overnight, it is grinded in a gilingang bato.

Oh, boy… I’m glad there’s Seafood City and Island Pacific to buy ready-made ingredients to make bibingka. Or if you’re still too lazy to do that, just go to Goldilocks for cooked bibingkas. But still… nothing really compares to a hot bibingka made from scratch.

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Meet Ato and Ine (Say Who???)

Does anyone in the Philippines still earn the nickname “Ato” or “Ine”? I guess not anymore. I know a lot of people nicknamed “Totoy”, “Nene”, or “Boy”.  Will these nicknames soon be history? The same applies with first names. A long time ago, women were named Liwayway, Marikit, Dalisay, Luningning while men were Bayani, Dakila, Tagumpay. Then the era came when women were named Maria and men were either Jose or Juan. These days you can rarely find babies named as such except for a few who were given Spanish names like Juan Carlos Miguel or Maria Victoria Concepcion. Nowadays, babies are named after famous movie stars and their kids. A lot of kids are named Ralph, Michael, Nicole and nicknamed KC, PJ, Kim. Where is Ato and Ine?

How do we even address our parents these days? Gone are the days when parents were called Ina/Ama, Inay/Itay, Inang/Amang. Some still call their parents Nanay/Tatay. These days, parents are known to be Mommy/Daddy or Mama/Papa. Aunts and uncles were known to be Nana/Tata or Tiyang/Tiyong but now they are Tita/Tito.

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Pook 12 (Doce)

I was born and lived in a town in Bulacan, in a street named M.H. del Pilar after one of the national heroes. Somehow, when a newbie comes to town and ask for direction, that street name does not help. Our street is known as Pook 12. Our neighboring streets are known as West Canal and the other, Riverside. I don’t even know the stories behind those colloquial names but whatever, that’s how they are known for.

In Pook 12, even the people end up having names different from what their parents gave them. A brother of mine is called “Dragon” because of his fascination with Ramon Zamora’s popular 70s movie, the “Return of the Dragon”. A cousin earned the nickname “Technique” because of his penchant ability to overcome any trouble with ease. He has his own techniques to apply, hence the nickname. Another cousin is known as “Mental”. Yeah, he was once a resident of the National Mental Hospital BUT NOT as a patient but as a security guard. Another is known as “Sergeant”. Why? He works in the municipal fire department and although that’s not his actual position, he was “baptized” to be as such. One is known as “Puto”, a name that he hates until now. He used to help his mom cook putong bibingka sold daily in the market. One is “Bukol” because of a big scar on his head which he now hides with his long hair. Mind You…Technique, Sergeant, Mental, Puto and Bukol are all brothers.

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Buy Plants from Hardware Stores, Not Nurseries (Seriously???)

In the Philippines, you can do gardening without spending anything on plants. All you have to do is to scout around the neighborhood for any seedlings, twigs and even pots of any plants or trees of your liking. The friendly neighbors are more than willing to share whichever one you may choose.  The same is not true in the US. You can’t ask the neighbors for any plants, unless they are family members or close friends. You are not even allowed to pick any flowers even in parks or else you get a citation.

Where do you go then for your gardening needs? In nurseries or hardware stores? I prefer the latter though because of their plant guarantee. Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a one year guarantee.  Just keep the receipt and UPC code, if anything happens, a replacement or refund can be done within one year of purchase. But the best policy is what Orchard Supply and Hardware (OSH) has. Mind you, they have a lifetime guarantee on plants? Too good to be true, right?

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Top 10 Cities for Shopaholics

Sherman Travel listed the top ten shopping havens in the world. Are you curious to find out what cities made the list? They are:

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