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Stephen Colbert Sings “Friday” with Jimmy Fallon

Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert urged his friend, Jimmy Fallon to match a $26,000 donation made to Fallon urged his audience to raise that amount by Friday and if they succeed, he made Colbert to promise singing Rebecca Black’s YouTube sensation “Friday” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

More than double the amount was donated and NBC Universal put in another 26 grand resulting to more than $80,000 in contributions to the sit, where educators solicit donations for school supplies and projects.

But the question is, did Colbert make good on his promise? He sure DID and the performance was EPICCCC!

Colbert was dressed to the nines in a tuxedo and started the first few lines of the song like a ballad which transitioned into a combination of hip-hop and rock. He was later joined by Fallon, former American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks and Knicks City Dancers. It was truly a “fun, fun, fun” performance.

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And The “Charlie Sheen Mania” Continues…

Charlie Sheen is like a Starbucks for bizarre quotes, because he serves up a fresh dose of crazy EVERY DAY. So crazy that it’s created a whole line of new products, everything from t-shirts, ecards, coffee mugs, stickers, magnets, etc.

And that’s not all….

Charlie Sheen, who smashed the Guinness World Record for soaring past the 1 million follower mark on Twitter in a little over a day, introduced the world to the “Charlie Sheen” Hotdog. After Sheen twitted about this hotdog, business has been booming at the Infield Hot Dog Stand in Sherman Oaks, CA. The hotdog which is packed with onions, relish, tomatoes, mustard, peppers and a pickle and served on a poppy seed bun, including tiger blood … the house name for Sriracha hot sauce.

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