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Lunch at Kyoto Seafood Buffet

Have you been to Kyoto, the newest buffet restaurant in Glendale? The place which just opened late December is the current buzz in town. Friends are all talking how good it is so my son and I decided to go one weekday.

I found out that the location is where the former Big Boy was. Parking was pretty easy because the lot is big. The place very busy considering it’s a weekday. The lady by the door was quick to greet and add my name to the list of customers waiting to be seated. She informed us that the wait was around 20 to 25 times but were called after only 12 minutes.

The place is clean but too small for the crowd the place is attracting. One side was entirely occupied by a group who’s celebrating someone’s birthday. How I wished that Kyoto had a separate room for gatherings like this because the group was making a lot of noise while we were eating.

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