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Vicks VapoRub

During this season, a lot of people are getting sick and suffering from a prolonged bout with cold and dry cough. I remember growing up and having my mom put Vicks VapoRub in my nostrils for sinus congestion relief and rubbing it to my chest for cough relief.

Vicks VapoRub? What is it? Vicks is an age-old mentholated topical cream intended to relieve head, throat, and chest stuffiness. It uses menthol to elicit a response from receptors in the nose and chest and work wonders on people with colds or chronic bronchitis. Vicks has been around for over one hundred years and is one of the most widely used over-the-counter decongestants.

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Health Benefits of Lemon and Gaviola

You probably received in one of your emails a scientific report about the benefits of lemon. If you haven’t, here’s the summary of that report.

The Institute of Health Sciences says that lemon destroys the malignant cells in 12 TYPES OF CANCER, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas. This tree is 10,000 times better than the chemotherapeutic drug Adriamycin, slowing the growth of cancer cells. Its taste is pleasant and does NOT produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy.

The lemon is  also considered as anti microbial spectrum against bacterial infections and fungi; effective against parasites and worms; regulates high-blood pressure;  and is an anti-depressant, combats stress and nervousness.

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Lose Weight with Chewing Gums?

It was mid-afternoon when I felt the urge to have a snack. I opened my refrigerator and kitchen pantries to see what’s there to eat.  Do I want to eat cookies? No. Chips? No. Sandwich? Still no.  I found myself in front of an abundant supply of food but still can’t make up my mind what to eat. It’s the same eerie feeling I have when I open my closet overflowing with clothes but still can’t decide what to wear.

Still undecided, I saw a chewing gum in the drawer, unwrapped it, put in my mouth and started chewing. Alas, my food craving is gone. As my teeth were pounding and grinding on it, I asked myself, did the gum suppress my appetite? If it did, could it result to loss of weight? While chomping and enjoying the sweetness squeezed from this piece of rubber, I started doing a research. What did I find?

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