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Born This Way: Glee vs. Al Yankovic

Listen, people!  While you thought you’re ears are already bleeding while listening to Lady Gaga‘s gay anthem ‘Born This Way‘, two more versions were released today. Who are they?

First version… you’ve probably been hearing for several days now that Glee will release on Tuesday a supersized episode simply titled ‘Born This Way‘. Of course, this episode won’t be complete unless our favorite Gleeksters render their own version. So rejoice, Glee fans! Listen to Kurt, Mercedes and Tina as they lead the cast in covering Mother Monster’s hit…

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Rebecca Black Congratulates Herself On A Billboard

We never had any idea up to what extent this 13-year old would go for self-promotion. Thanks to her loving mother… anything is possible.

As you already know by now, Rebecca Black’s mother paid $4,000 of her own money to Ark Music,a production company to write for her daughter music and lyrics, shoot the video, record and produce the track, add a rapper, and package it all together.

Two months after the video was uploaded in YouTube, the song has been viewed over 100 million times. And what would be a more appropriate congratulatory gift for Rebecca? Yap, her mom paid for a digital billboard located at the corner of LaBrea and San Vincente in Los Angeles and read “It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! 100 million+ views! Rebecca Black”.

No, she's not promoting Subway but her billboard on top.

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Charice: Glee, New Single and Movie with Salma Hayek

Rejoice, Charice fans! The pop star returns as Sunshine Corazon on Glee this Tuesday and will belt out Celine Dion’s ‘All by Myself.’ Gwyneth Paltrow also guest stars, reprising her Holly Holiday role for the third time. She’ll sing ‘Turning Tables’ from Adele’s new hit album ’21.’ Also we will see the group sing the much-talked about Lady Gaga’s song, ‘Born This Way’ in this episode.

Well, well. well! Charice is really getting very busy lately. Aside from her guest stint in Glee, her new single “Before It Explodes” which was produced by Bruno Mars will be released on April 18  She’s also working on a movie with Salma Hayek. In the movie, “Here Comes The Boom’, the singer plays the role of Malia. Other cast include Kevin James (Grown Ups, Mall Cop), Henry Winkler (Click) and Joe Rogan (Fear Factor).

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