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Sleep Paralysis

On this lazy afternoon, I just had the chance to watch “Inception”, which was hailed as 2010 movie of the summer. Although there was much hype and considered a monstrous hit, I never had the chance to see it in theaters. Now, I know why. It was brilliantly made and it has a plot that was never, ever used before  which is about “a dream within in a dream”.

I’m not here to discuss about my own review of the film which doesn’t really matter anymore. I want to talk about the added bonus feature on the DVD which is a documentary about dreams and dream experiences of people.

I want to share about my own. I had this frightening experience of waking up but finding myself not able to move.  I saw shadows and heard noises around me. I felt a heavy weight pressing on my chest. I tried screaming and asking for help for somebody to get me up, but no voice came out of my mouth. Feeling helpless, I started praying and soon found myself being fully awake thereafter.

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