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Lose Weight with Chewing Gums?

It was mid-afternoon when I felt the urge to have a snack. I opened my refrigerator and kitchen pantries to see what’s there to eat.  Do I want to eat cookies? No. Chips? No. Sandwich? Still no.  I found myself in front of an abundant supply of food but still can’t make up my mind what to eat. It’s the same eerie feeling I have when I open my closet overflowing with clothes but still can’t decide what to wear.

Still undecided, I saw a chewing gum in the drawer, unwrapped it, put in my mouth and started chewing. Alas, my food craving is gone. As my teeth were pounding and grinding on it, I asked myself, did the gum suppress my appetite? If it did, could it result to loss of weight? While chomping and enjoying the sweetness squeezed from this piece of rubber, I started doing a research. What did I find?

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