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Cyclops Baby Born in India

A baby boy with one eye in the center of his forehead and no nose was born in India last week but survived only one day. The child must have possibly suffered from cyclopia, a deformity which causes the eyes and nose not to form properly.

In 2006, India saw another cyclopic baby born in the city of Chennai. The baby girl survived and was taken home by her parents. No recent reports offer any further information about her survival.

A year earlier, a one-eyed baby girl was born prematurely in Russia but died almost immediately after being delivered. Reports claimed her head, shoulders and back were covered with thick hair and a “small trunk” was growing above her eye.

In 2005, a kitten born with one eye in Oregon made national headlines. Called Cy, the kitty survived just one day. Its body kept in a glass jar filled with alcohol was eventually sold to the Lost World Museum in Phoenix, N.Y.

Cases like these have been documented for hundreds of years. The mythological Cyclops dates back to ancient Greece and may have been inspired by a cyclopic infant.

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