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Woman Tried to Mail Puppy

The Minneapolis woman who recently tried to mail a 4-month-old puppy to Atlanta in a package has appeared in front of a administrative hearing officer to ask for the poor pup back along with the $22 she paid to ship the dog.

When Stacey Champion first brought the box to the post office, she warned postal workers to be careful, but reassured them that she was shipping a toy robot. But when the box began to move and make noise, workers got permission to open it, and found a 4-month old puppy inside named Guess, a black poodle-Schnauzer mix. The postal workers gave the thirsty pup some water, and now he’s at an animal control facility.

Stacey Champion said in the hearing she was sending the dog to surprise her son for his birthday and blames the post office for the little mix-up, saying:

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10,000 Cattle Dead in Vietnam

In the latest of a string of mass animal deaths, 10,000 cows and buffalo have died in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development confirmed the news this week that more than 10,000 cows and buffaloes died nationwide due to a particularly intense winter.

Mass animal deaths have been in the news quite a bit lately. Hundreds of birds were found dead in South Dakota early this week, and before that birds were found dead in Italy and birds fell from the sky in Arkansas, among other incidents.

Some of the mass die-offs have been explained – for instance, indigestion is thought to be the cause in Italy and the U.S. government has admitted involvement in the South Dakota case. But others remain up for debate.

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