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Famous Stars Without Makeup

Actress Sofia Vergara made headlines after she was caught by the paparazzi without makeup.

Sofia, star of highly-rated TV comedy show, Modern Families was unrecognizable when she reported for the filming of her movie.

As an avid follower of Modern Families which I regularly watch since the first episode, I was very surprised to see her picture like a common person. I, myself would not recognize her if I’ll bump into her in the streets without any makeup on.

In lieu of this, I prepared a gallery of more famous stars like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, etc. without their makeup on for you to see in the next page.

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What They Wore At The Golden Globes

I don’t know what Helena Bonham Carter was thinking. With all the money and riches she had earned from making blockbuster movies, she will have the audacity to wear this monstrosity of a dress. Aside from draping herself with a curtain stolen from some else house, she showed up with two different colored shoes. Is she starting a new trend or what?

Helena Bonham Carter

No, surprise there though. She’s always been known to wear wacky clothes whether attending formal gatherings or just walking down the streets for her daily errands. Can’t wait to hear what’s Joan Rivers got to say about this. I have to tune in tonight to Fashion Police and hear Ms. Rivers cover the best and worst-dressed of the night.

Speaking of best- dressed choices, here’s a gallery of the top 10 who I thought brought their best foot forward. Included in this gallery is Helena, who won the worsted-dressed hands down.

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