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Pia Toscano Signed a Record Deal

I told you so! This is exactly what I wrote in my previous article! Let me reprint the last paragraph in its entirety…”But don’t worry, Pia. With the talent that you have, this won’t be the end of the road for your singing career.Look at Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry. They didn’t win but had a successful career. I’m sure that with your amazing talent, a producer will offer you a record so keep your head up.”

After being eliminated from American Idol last Thursday which shocked herself, the other contestants, the host, the judges and the audience here and around the world, Pia Toscano has signed a record deal. She will record her debut album under the Interscope Records imprint, which is chaired by Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine.Talking about blessing in disguise!

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Pia Toscano’s Shocking Idol Elimination

What in the world just happened last night in American Idol? I just can’t believe that Pia Toscano just got eliminated. I thought all along that she’s one of the contenders to beat for the title.

No one saw this coming, even the judges themselves.Randy clutched his head in disbelief reeling from the shock, as well as the rest of the contestants. J.Lo immediately was teared-up. Steven Tyler as usual let out an expletive-riddled outburst.

“I have no idea what just happened here. I’m shocked, I’m angry, I don’t even know what to say,” said a teary J.Lo. “I’m gutted, you’re one of the best singers in this,” said Randy. “This makes me mad,” he added. He then implored viewers to vote, as no one is safe. Steven echoed the sentiment. “A mistake is one thing, but lack of passion is unforgivable,” said Tyler.

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Vote for American Idol Through Facebook

As the Top 12 Male Contestants battle it out in tonight’s episode of American Idol, online voting is allowed for the first time. Fans can go to and register to vote. You can vote for your favorite singer tonight as soon as the show ends at 10 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT) on Fox. A Facebook account is required to register and once you’ve followed the link and directions you’ll be set to go.

Voting in previous seasons were only allowed by calling and texting with no limit. Online voting though is limited to only 50 votes for that evening’s performances. Only fans with a registered Facebook account in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their vote(s) online.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s support our kabayans, Clint Jun Gamboa and Thia Megia.

Happy voting!!!


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Two Pinoys Made it to Top 24 American Idol

Thia Megia and Clint Jun Gamboa made it to the Top 24 of the 10th season American Idol.

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