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Lady, Get In Line!!!

When I was preparing dinner before I leave the house for an important meeting, I realized I forgot an important ingredient needed to complete the task. Since 99c store is just around the corner, I rushed over there, grabbed the item and headed towards the check-outs.

To my dismay, only two registers were open with long queues of customers carrying basketful of commodities. Since I was in hurry and with only one item on hand, I stood beside one of the cashiers who was ringing up a customer at that time. After apologizing, I asked her if I could just hand her $1 bill and leave. This is a strategy I have learned from other customers before and never had a problem until today.

Before the cashier was able to respond, the customer yelled at me and said that I have to wait for my turn. Another customer told me to go at the end of the line where five more people were waiting by now. Feeling so embarrassed, I turned around and debated if I should still wait in line or just go home.

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