Rebecca Black Congratulates Herself On A Billboard

19 Apr

We never had any idea up to what extent this 13-year old would go for self-promotion. Thanks to her loving mother… anything is possible.

As you already know by now, Rebecca Black’s mother paid $4,000 of her own money to Ark Music,a production company to write for her daughter music and lyrics, shoot the video, record and produce the track, add a rapper, and package it all together.

Two months after the video was uploaded in YouTube, the song has been viewed over 100 million times. And what would be a more appropriate congratulatory gift for Rebecca? Yap, her mom paid for a digital billboard located at the corner of LaBrea and San Vincente in Los Angeles and read “It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! 100 million+ views! Rebecca Black”.

No, she's not promoting Subway but her billboard on top.

Now I’m eager to find out what will this mother-and-daughter team do after Glee sings her viral song “Friday” on their prom episode.

Any suggestions?

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One response to “Rebecca Black Congratulates Herself On A Billboard

  1. pinoyleonardo

    04/22/2011 at 1:40 am

    I’ve been hearing the anme Rebecca Black probably around the net and without any effort (because i was not interested) I found out about her here. Seems like she’s now popular. A week ago a colleague emailed a link about the song- sounds cool though did not like her eeaking voice.


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