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Supermoon Photos Taken Around The World

Did you see it? Saturday night’s “supermoon” appeared as planned, as the moon made its closest encounter to Earth since 1993.

From small communities to larger cities, the event was captured by many. But for us here in Burbank, we were not among the lucky ones. I have checked the skies multiple times but sadly, it was too overcast.

And tonight, March 20, 2011, the moon will once again appear fairly large but I’m sure that we won’t be able to view it again because it’s raining cats and dogs here in Burbank. What a real bummer!

Is this how we welcome the first day of Spring?

Since we were and most likely not be able to view it, I had to contend myself in looking at pictures taken around the world. And man, I was more jealous of the lucky ones. The pics are really spectacular so I compiled them to share with you…

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