Volunteers Needed to Clean Up Redondo Beach

09 Mar

Heal the Bay, one of Southern California’s leading ocean advocates, is looking for volunteers to help clean up millions of dead fish that washed up in King Harbor near Redondo Beach on Tuesday.

City public works crews cleaned up 35 tons of fish with skimmers and bulldozers on Tuesday, but much more work remains to be done.

About 200 city workers and 75 volunteers are working to get the fish out of the harbor. Redondo Beach officials estimate that the clean-up will cost at least $100,000.

Officials said there is layer of fish about 12 to 18 inches thick covering the bottom of the marina, and those fish will wash up to the surface in the days ahead.

The sardines apparently depleted the water of oxygen and suffocated after getting lost in the marina, officials said. Despite a daylong effort Tuesday to scoop up fish in nets and buckets, the cleanup can take up to a week and the smell was bound to get worse.


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2 responses to “Volunteers Needed to Clean Up Redondo Beach

  1. UmpUp

    03/09/2011 at 8:22 pm

    I wish I could volunteer. But after a day or two, they must be very stinky now.

  2. Jo

    03/10/2011 at 5:59 am

    There is a lot of things happening in this world nowadays. Are we being reminded that perhaps we are forgetting to do what is right for our souls? Is the end of the world coming?


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