Focus People! Focus!!!

04 Feb

This is why you should always look where you’re going.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw a video of a woman falling into a fountain while texting. Here’s the video of the woman tripping on a fountain and falling.

Now it’s a 10-year-old Italian boy falling into a subway while playing video games. The boy, who was playing his PSP at the time, was seemingly so entrenched in his game he didn’t realize he was walking onto the tracks. Luckily the train wasn’t coming into the station, and a policeman saw him fall and was able to save him.

What’s wrong with people? When will they ever learn?


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2 responses to “Focus People! Focus!!!

  1. aren

    02/04/2011 at 9:08 pm

    ” a news item before came out of a daily tabloid in the Philippines about a man plunging into a creek in Quezon City. the man having a hard time finding a good signal for his cellular phone decided to go over the roof of his house. the roof was made of old rusty GI sheets and his house stands along a creek. he started to find a good signal in the direction of the creek and it’s too late for him to realize that he’s already standing on the weak canopy. he plunged into the murky water of the creek and luckily sustained only a few bruises!” – it’s only a joke but the probability to happen is high!

  2. Jo

    02/05/2011 at 6:48 am

    Remember whar old folks used to say? Look where you are going.


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