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Sleep Paralysis

On this lazy afternoon, I just had the chance to watch “Inception”, which was hailed as 2010 movie of the summer. Although there was much hype and considered a monstrous hit, I never had the chance to see it in theaters. Now, I know why. It was brilliantly made and it has a plot that was never, ever used before  which is about “a dream within in a dream”.

I’m not here to discuss about my own review of the film which doesn’t really matter anymore. I want to talk about the added bonus feature on the DVD which is a documentary about dreams and dream experiences of people.

I want to share about my own. I had this frightening experience of waking up but finding myself not able to move.  I saw shadows and heard noises around me. I felt a heavy weight pressing on my chest. I tried screaming and asking for help for somebody to get me up, but no voice came out of my mouth. Feeling helpless, I started praying and soon found myself being fully awake thereafter.

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Yank Bank Fees

Since the government imposed the CREDIT CARD ACT of 2009 and regulated banks on debit overdraft charges, banks have lost billions of dollars in revenues. Do you think banks will take these sitting down? Of course, not!!! So what steps are they coming up now? This year major banks such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, etc. are making changes to their checking accounts. None of them are offering free checking anymore. Well, they still do but… there are certain balance requirements required that if you fail to maintain, booom!!! you’ll be hit by account fees.

Let’s do a reality check… Who can’t maintain certain balance requirements? Who always get hit by overdraft and return check fees? They are the poor, the unemployed and those people who struggle each day to survive.

What options do we have? Should we consider not having checking accounts anymore? But we still need an account to cash our unemployment, disability and pension checks? Where do we go?

Run to the nearest CREDIT UNIONS!!!!

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