For the Love of Marilyn Monroe

29 Jan

A Canadian businessman paid somewhere around $20 to $30 million for the right to the late icon’s name and image. He plans to introduce a line of branded lingerie, handbags, jewelry and fragrances, and possibly a reality-TV show.

Although the actress is well-known around the world and with revenue of $4-$5 million last year, she still didn’t make it to Forbes’ Top 12 Earning Dead Celebrities.  Michael Jackson took the top spot with $275 million earnings, followed by Elvis Presley with $60 million.

Marilyn Monroe

“She’s the most iconic female personality in the world. She’s timeless”. She sure is. Who could forget that image of her standing on a subway grate as her dress is blown above her knees by a passing train; this said image I keep as one of my Iphone wallpapers. I also have an image of her face which I cross-stitched and framed. It now hangs by the headboard of my bedroom.

A lot of people do really love and adore her. But up to what extreme would people do to express that fondness of her? Actress Megan Fox had Marilyn’s face tattooed on her arm. Lindsay Lohan has a famous Marilyn quote tattoo that says “Everyone’s a star and deserves the right to twinkle”. Lohan has another that says “I restore myself when I’m alone”.

Would you consider having a tattoo of any person you adore? If not, would you consider doing what former Playboy model, Holly Madison did?

Ah, for the love of Marilyn Monroe….

Going back to my own fascination of Marilyn Monroe…I have to admit that even though I love her, I have only seen one movie of hers. It is the 1959 black-and-white classic, “Some Like It Hot” which also starred the late Jack Lemmon (he earned a best actor nomination for this) and the late Tony Curtis. Hmmm…Just realized, all the major stars of this movie are all dead now.  I really enjoyed this hilarious movie which by the way, I just borrowed from our public library. I highly recommend for everyone to see it because it has been recognized as the greatest American comedy film of all time.

What Marilyn Monroe movie have you watched?

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One response to “For the Love of Marilyn Monroe

  1. bella34

    02/01/2011 at 5:32 am

    I was never really a fan of her. To me, she is just one of those white chicks in reality shows like Holly something or Kardashian… No talent whatsoever.


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