I Love my Iphone

28 Jan

Are you one of the 90 million people who own an Iphone? Yeah, that’s right. That’s the number of people who had bought an Iphone since its launch in 2007. Although what I have now is still a hands-me-down 3GS from my son (who now owns a 4G), I’m still very happy about it. It already has everything I need with all the apps my son had downloaded on it.

Among my favorites are calendar, photos, camera, video recorder, weather, mail, ipod, radio and safari. It has lots of gaming apps although I only brain-stimulant games like Boggle, Fishtropolis, Textropolis and TanZen. Other games like FarmVille, Angry Birds and TapTap don’t appeal to a mature woman like me. (I don’t really want to divulge my age but my choices are giving it away, ha ha ha).

What I love most about my Iphone is that I could check and write emails wherever I am. It beats the boredom I have sitting in a doctor’s office or waiting for a punctual (???) date. But that’s not still the most important feature for me. I loooove, loooove “maps” and “around me”. It couldn’t have been more perfect for a woman like me, who’s very poor in finding directions and really finds it tough getting anywhere.

What I don’t like, though with my Iphone are the dropped calls and the texting feature. Although I could type with ease, I find it difficult to read the texts which I find too small for my liking. I have to reach out for my reading glasses to be able to read. (Tssk, I gave away my age again, grrrr).

Share me what you like and dislike about your Iphones. For those who doesn’t own one yet especially Verizon customers, will you consider buying one?


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2 responses to “I Love my Iphone

  1. bella34

    01/29/2011 at 8:12 pm

    I only use my cellphone for texting and calls. I’m too cheap to pay for the data plan.

  2. plentiswae

    03/04/2011 at 8:24 pm

    Sweet but expensive 4 me 😦


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