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I Love my Iphone

Are you one of the 90 million people who own an Iphone? Yeah, that’s right. That’s the number of people who had bought an Iphone since its launch in 2007. Although what I have now is still a hands-me-down 3GS from my son (who now owns a 4G), I’m still very happy about it. It already has everything I need with all the apps my son had downloaded on it.

Among my favorites are calendar, photos, camera, video recorder, weather, mail, ipod, radio and safari. It has lots of gaming apps although I only brain-stimulant games like Boggle, Fishtropolis, Textropolis and TanZen. Other games like FarmVille, Angry Birds and TapTap don’t appeal to a mature woman like me. (I don’t really want to divulge my age but my choices are giving it away, ha ha ha).

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I Hate Pine Trees

In the city where I live in, street sidewalks are lined with big, robust trees. Each street carries a different variety of tree. On the street where I live are 70 year old, robust pine trees. There are pine trees not only in the sidewalk but several more in my backyard. When I first moved in my house and saw these nice looking trees, I thought it was perfect. A few months passed and my feelings toward these trees turned around 360. Why? I realized how unfortunate it is being surrounded by them.

When it’s windy, dried needles is blown everywhere— the yard, roof, cars and even in the branches of other trees. It’s no joke sweeping all these dried needles. You can’t just leave them in the ground or else it will kill the grass. Another problem are the cones which could be as long as 8 inches and could weigh up to a pound. You could imagine how bad the dent could be when it falls on cars. And not to forget, the sap. My goodness, you should see the sap that had dropped and dried in my car. Forget about bringing it for a car wash, it can’t even be removed. What is more frightening? A neighbor told me that once a tree branch fell on a car and insurance company didn’t cover the damages.

Sure, it’s nice looking at snow-covered pine trees in parks, forests and mountains where I believe they should remain, but not in the street where I live in. Please….

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