Pook 12 (Doce)

26 Jan

I was born and lived in a town in Bulacan, in a street named M.H. del Pilar after one of the national heroes. Somehow, when a newbie comes to town and ask for direction, that street name does not help. Our street is known as Pook 12. Our neighboring streets are known as West Canal and the other, Riverside. I don’t even know the stories behind those colloquial names but whatever, that’s how they are known for.

In Pook 12, even the people end up having names different from what their parents gave them. A brother of mine is called “Dragon” because of his fascination with Ramon Zamora’s popular 70s movie, the “Return of the Dragon”. A cousin earned the nickname “Technique” because of his penchant ability to overcome any trouble with ease. He has his own techniques to apply, hence the nickname. Another cousin is known as “Mental”. Yeah, he was once a resident of the National Mental Hospital BUT NOT as a patient but as a security guard. Another is known as “Sergeant”. Why? He works in the municipal fire department and although that’s not his actual position, he was “baptized” to be as such. One is known as “Puto”, a name that he hates until now. He used to help his mom cook putong bibingka sold daily in the market. One is “Bukol” because of a big scar on his head which he now hides with his long hair. Mind You…Technique, Sergeant, Mental, Puto and Bukol are all brothers.

Another cousin is known as “Pogi”. He doesn’t really look like one but kind of the opposite. “Attorney” is another cousin of mine. He didn’t even go to law school but I don’t know why the nickname.  Have to do a research on this one. “Bagets” is a neighbor of mine. He was name after the movie with the same title which featured Aga Muhlach, Francis Magalona (RIP) and Mayor Herbert Bautista. People said “Bagets” dresses like this guys on that film.

My list can go on and on. “Tirong”, “Saringkol”, “Truit”, “Gaas”, “Eddie Set”, “Rico J”, “Munich”, “Kano” are either neighbors or family members. It’s a good thing that these nicknames apply only to men and not to women. If that wasn’t  the case, I wonder what my nickname would have been. Would it have been “Vilma”, Sharon”, ”Snooki” or some other random name.

How about you? Were you known by any other name?


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5 responses to “Pook 12 (Doce)

  1. Bella

    01/27/2011 at 2:10 pm

    Oh. I didn’t realize that only men get weird “names”. I guess, I got lucky on that.

    • USpinay

      01/27/2011 at 2:16 pm

      It’s because in Pook 12, most men had nothing better to do it but sit and gather around canto to make istambay while their respective wives are busy attending to household chores. That’s what they get for having too much fun.

  2. Jo

    01/30/2011 at 7:57 am

    True that these boys and/or men seem not to have anything to do but sit around, but wait until you need help and you’ll see them rush to your aid for nothing. There is some thing good in everyone even if it looks like they are worth nothing,

  3. Jeo

    02/05/2011 at 10:29 pm

    did’nt knew t’was called “pook 12” til i read this blog. i grew in this place. i even inherited the nickname “puto” from my father and thought of it as a compliment knowing that my father chose to spend time helping my grandma in making rice cakes trying to make a living. trying to raise eight siblings.
    until now,some peeps in “pook 12” call me and my brothers “puto”. others may think they were makin’ fun of me or whatever but for ME, its a representation of the hardships of my father trying to pursue a better life.

    • USpinay

      02/05/2011 at 10:46 pm

      Very well said. Wow, I’m so proud of you. I can’t believe how mature you had become.


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