Aircapades (Airline Woes)

21 Jan

Today, I read a heartwarming story about a grandpa who was rushing to see his 3 year-old son be taken out of life-support. The boy was beaten by his daughter’s boyfriend. Although he made it to LAX two hours before his flight to Denver, he ended up running late. He had a tough time checking his bags and going through security. No matter how much pleading he made to TSA and Southwest employees, it fell on deaf ears.

As soon as he made through security, he grabbed his shoes and ran to the boarding gate. There, he was met by the pilot who held the plane that was supposed to take off 11:50 until 12:02 just to accommodate him. What an exceptional customer service by this pilot!!! I wonder how many more people like him are around other airline industries.

On my previous trips, I have flown through about every different airline. It’s because I don’t care about mileage points I could earn by being loyal to a particular airline. I care more on who’s having a promo.

I never really encountered major problems with these airlines except for an hour flight delay on our recent trip to Hawaii. United awarded each family member $150 voucher on a future flight because of this delay. Not bad, right? The same can’t be said about Philippine Airlines when I came for a visit last summer. On my way, the plane which was equipped with personal entertainment console was not working in our row. I felt envious of other passengers enjoying their movies, music and games during the 14-hour flight. While on board, the crew asked us to fill-up a customer service form to address the problem.

On my return flight, I was assigned to a seat which has a big wall in front of me. For me to be able to use the console, I have to pull it out the side of my seat. But guess what???The bracket that should hold it upright is unfortunately, broken. Talking about bad luck, hah. I ended up staring at the wall during the entire flight.

A month passed but I never heard a response to my complaint from PAL. Thinking the crew probably just thrashed the form, I wrote another one on their website. Two more months passed, I resubmitted again. Up to this time, still no response and probably never will be any.

How about you? Can you share your good and bad aircapades?

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