Floods Affect OFWs Under Jeddah Bridge

17 Jan

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – Undocumented Filipinos temporarily living under a bridge in Jeddah were affected by flood water due to non-stop rain for several days.

The flood reportedly affected the small tents of more than 60 Filipinos living under the Kandara Bridge.

There are also 15 Pinoy children, including a 3-month-old baby, seeking refuge under the bridge.

Several Filipinos who learned about the situation of OFWs under the bridge immediately extended help.

Bailyn Sumail is just one the distressed workers living under the bridge. Sumail said she went to Saudi Arabia to give a better future to her family in Cotabato. Now, Sumail wants to just go home to the Philippines Kailfoe being unemployed, homeless and no food to eat. Like her, other distressed Pinoys hope that the government will soon find a solution to bring them all back home. ABS-CBN

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Posted by on 01/17/2011 in Global News, Phil. News



One response to “Floods Affect OFWs Under Jeddah Bridge

  1. Jo

    01/24/2011 at 7:41 am

    Despite news about illegal recruiters, I couldn’t believe these Filipinos still want to go to foreign countries and work as maids for a meager amount, endangering themselves to different kinds of abuse from employers.


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